Parr's Farm of Southern Indiana | We are a small family farm that loves to breed Labrador Retrievers.
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Around the Farm

Check out what we have around the farm, see our litters, and meet your future pup.
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About us

We are a small family farm that loves to breed Labrador Retrievers.

Our Pups

Our goal is to always be moving towards improving the breed, and we only breed healthy, qualified dogs. Both males and females have impressive bloodlines/pedigrees, and field champions are throughout. We aren’t mass producing puppies here. We’ve had 2 litters in the last 5 years, and those were born to our 4 year old females (their first litters). It’s important to us that our dogs are well taken care and that puppies go to good homes. On a daily basis our 3 labs get walked, run, swam, and socialized (that doesn’t mean they won’t lick you relentlessly when you arrive). I originally got my first lab as a hunting partner. “Benelli of Parr” was the matriarch to all other pups. She was impressive in the field and our family pet indoors. Her two daughters, our current females, Raina and Thunder make a tag team in the field that would be hard to beat. Thunder is my flushing dog and Raina rarely misses a retrieve. Last fall I put 76 dove down in front of them and 73 of those were returned to my hand by the duo. Their drive to retrieve and hunt is insane. They literally don’t stop!


Our Farm

We also like to play in the garden and keep a small flock of chickens. We are located in Greenville, Indiana, about 15 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky.  We sell our extra produce straight from the garden throughout summer.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Us.



Meet the Fam

We are a small family farm that has been breeding Labs since 2012.


Wolf Pack Leader


Chicken Wrangler


Puppy Petter


Produce Princess


Egg Keeper

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Phone: 812-207-4733