Parr's Farm of Southern Indiana | Free Range Chickens & Eggs
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About This Project

We currently have seven laying hens and one rooster. Our hens lay a diverse array of eggs, from brown, to pink, to green shells, and jumbo, small, and large sizes. Our eggs taste better than store eggs because our chickens eat healthier and have a high standard of living.

Their main food source during the Winter is feed from the locally owned feed store, The Georgetown Feed & Farm Supply Inc.  We buy feed that is made right here in Georgetown, Indiana.  During the Summer our chickens get fresh produce from our garden, along with scraps from our household.  This gives our chickens a diverse and balanced diet. Because our chickens are healthy and have access to sunlight and the fresh air every day, our eggs have bright orange yolks. 

We also sell birds for consumption. Prince will vary, please contact us with any questions.  Please make orders 2 months before planned pickup.


Baby Chicks

We successfully hatched our first batch of chicks!  Our ISA rooster and Ameraucana hen , ISA hen, and Australorp hen are the proud parents.  We also bought four bantams from tractor supply to raise with our chicks. We plan on hatching again and selling strait run chicks.  Let us know if you would like to place an order.

Below are two pictures of a a silkie chicken. We bought two from Tractor Supply Company.  Silkie chickens can come in many colors, but white is the most common.  Silkies’ skin, feet, and beak are a bule/black color.  They are small and uniquely fluffy looking.  If you look closely at their feet, they have an extra toe on each foot.  More information can be found here about silkie chickens.