Parr's Farm of Southern Indiana | Sires and Dames
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About This Project



Raina was born in my barn in 2012. She came from my last litter born to Benelli. Her father, Blue, belongs to my best friend and owner of First Capitol Farms of Corydon. Both Benelli and Blue have fantastic blood lines with numerous field champions in their pedigree. Raina’s drive to hunt and retrieve is impressive to say the least. Her upland skills on jump shooting dove, quail, and pheasant is the best I’ve hunted over. I dropped 78 dove over her and her sister, Thunder, last fall, and 75 were brought to my hand. Almost all of those birds were shot in standing corn and fell 50-75 rows deep in the standing corn.


Lightning is our male stud. He was born in December of 2015. He’s a giant white lab that is full of life and energy. We purchased him in January of 2016, and he now has produced his first litter. It contains black, white, chocolate, and fox red colored pups.



Thunder was also born in my barn early in the morning of September 2012. She comes from the same impressive pedigree as Raina, and her retrieving drive is strong. With a lake in my backyard, training over water has happened since 6 weeks old. Both girls are strong swimmers and water retrievers.