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Pup Care

So, you have decided that you want a wonderful new pup to add to your family? Congratulations! This page will explain the process of reserving a pup.

First you need to decide what gender pup you want. Both genders are about the same size, but males can get bigger. According to the AKC, a male lab weighs 65 to 80 pounds full grown and a female weighs 55 to 70 pounds. Our females weigh 70 and 85 pounds, and our male weighs around 110. He’s a BIG boy full of muscle and energy.

A $100 dollar deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The final amount must be paid before the puppy can go home. Cash and Paypal are accepted. When you send your $100 deposit, you will be placed on a list by your pup’s gender. The first deposit we receive will get the first spot on the list and so on. For example, if you are the first person to send a deposit for a female puppy, you will be in spot one for females, and therefore you may pick out your puppy first.  After we receive your deposit, you will be given a span of time to pick your puppy. If you live near the Greenville, IN area you can come visit the pups, or we can send you lots of pictures and videos to help you pick the perfect pup. Videos are so easy to send these days that sometimes that’s the easiest way to choose if you are hours away.  BUT, I totally understand when people want to drive to our mini farm to pick out their puppy in person.

Once you pick your pup, a collar will be placed on your pup to reserve it.  We are happy to work with you if you need us to hold your pup for longer, but we do ask that you let us know advance.

Black Lab

Taking home your new puppy can be an exciting adventure.  With a little knowledge, you can ensure that both you and your pup have a pleasant experience adjusting.

Before you take home your puppy, you will need to decide what quality puppy food you want to feed it.  At Parr’s Farm, we feed the puppies Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Healthy Puppy Formula.  If you plan on using a different brand of food, we recommend buying a small bag on Purina and slowly mixing in the permanent food of your choice.  Failure to do so may cause minor sickness and stress to your puppy. A sudden change in food for any pet may cause sickness.  For more information on safely switching puppy food, click here.  It is important that you feed your puppy actual puppy food, which means if you have an older dog, you will need to feed them different foods.  Puppy food is higher in protein and helps puppies grow.  Generally, your puppy will need to stay on puppy food for the first year of life, but be sure to consult with your vet.

If you are traveling a significant distant to pick up your puppy, you might want to bring a few items along for the ride.  Your new puppy will need to stop in a grassy area to relieve himself.  You will want a lead to walk him with, especially if you are walking your pup anywhere near other cars.  A plastic bag may also be necessary to clean up after your pup.  Your puppy may get thirsty during the ride as well.  A water bottle and a bowl during rest stops can be used to give your puppy a drink.

Crate Training

Another problem new puppies can cause is a mess on your new carpet.  Nobody likes finding a little treasure when they come inside.  Lab puppies are brilliant, and they can easily be taught to go to the bathroom outside.  The simplest and fastest way to ensure you get no accidents is to crate train your puppy.  By crate training, he simply means that any time you are not actively engaged with your puppy, he is staying in a crate.  No dog likes going to the bathroom where he has to lay back down in it, so he holds it.  As soon as you let the puppy out of the crate, walk directly to where you want him to go to the bathroom, and then reward like mad when he goes.  The easiest way to get him used to the crate is to feed him in there.  You want your puppy to associate the crate as a safe place to be and live.  I personally have never used the crate after 6 months of age, but I know some people use it for the life of the dog. If you leave your pup out of the crate, watch him like a hawk.  If he begins sniffing, he’s looking for a place to go.  If he goes around a corner, he’s likely looking for a place to go.  Learn your pup and his behavior, and you will have a house broken puppy by the age of 8 weeks.

I also enjoy training a puppy simple obedience commands.  Labs are smart, and they learn faster than most people could imagine.  In my last litter, I decided I would work with a 6 week old puppy just for fun to see what he could learn before he went home at 12 weeks of age.  He could sit, stay, and retrieve for like a pro at 8 or 9 weeks.  Of course he did his own thing occasionally, but he was far ahead of most adult dogs when he was still a puppy.  He was also walking on a leash pretty well, which is sometimes harder to get them to do than other commands.  It isn’t as natural as chasing a ball.  Be consistent with your puppy, and he will become an amazing little guy quickly.  There are hundreds of dog training videos available, and 99% of them will work if you stick with their plan.  I use Stoney Wolf Productions Beginning and Advanced Traingin for your Retriever.  It’s old, and it’s meant for hunting with your lab, but his techniques will work with all labs if obedience and retrieving are your priorities.  If you plan to show your lab, you may want to go a different route.

Your puppy will chew on things. To make sure he doesn’t destroy anything valuable, you might want to buy your puppy a couple of chew toys.  If you are going to kennel train you pup, you won’t have to worry about extraneous chewing while you are out, but your puppy will still want toys.  Labs are natural retrievers and will want to play with you.  Having a couple toys to toss around will be fun for you and the pup.  While anticipating the new arrival of your pup, you may want to take your family to the pet store and pick out a few toys.  Kids love to pick out toys and give them to the new puppy as a welcoming gift.  By doing so, you can  get your kids involved in the puppy process.

New puppies are great, so make this time fun and exciting and not frustrating.

Around the Farm

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